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Vitaly Vitalievich Lapa,
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, D.Sc. in Agriculture, Professor
Tel.:+375 (17) 395 67 51

The Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry was established in 1931.
The Institute is the only center in the republic carrying out soil and agrochemical researches. It is responsible for elaboration of theoretical and applied aspects of protection and reproduction of soil fertility.
Research directions: study of genesis and structure of soils in the republic; digital mapping and soil assessment; study of soil erosion; elaboration of actions on preservation and improvement of soil fertility and protection of soil from degradation; monitoring the radiological state of soils and preparing recommendations for farming on radioactively contaminated soils; development of technologies of efficient application of organic and mineral macro- and micro fertilizers; development of new forms of macro- and micro fertilizers and their introduction in agricultural production; evaluation of the balance of chemical elements in the system: precipitation-soil-plant-subsoil water; evaluation of the effect of chemicals application on the biological state of soils and quality of agricultural products.

The Institute of Plant Protection

2 Mira St., 223011 Priluki, Minsk Region
Tel./Fax: +375 (17) 509 23 39

Sergei Vladimirovich Soroka, D.Sc. in Agriculture, Associate Professor
Tel.:+375 (17) 509 23 38

The Institute of Plant Protection was founded in 1971.
The Institute of Plant Protection is a leading research and methodological center coordinating researches on agricultural crops protection against pests, diseases and weeds. The effort of the researchers is directed towards reducing harmfulness of phytophagous organisms, phytopathogens and weeds in agrocenoses and obtaining high yield of crops.
Research directions: elaboration of scientific criteria of production and rational use of effective, environmentally friendly means of crop protection against pests based on the use of local raw material and microorganism strains; development and introduction in production of technologies of protection of cereals, fodder crops, industrial crops, vegetables, fruit and berry crops, potato from pests, diseases and weeds; development of methodological bases for environmental safety of plant protection systems; development of information technologies in plant protection; enhancement of methodological bases of phytosanitary monitoring of agricultural crops and forecast of pests’ development; development of resource saving environmentally friendly technologies of application of innovative chemical and biological means of plant protection; identification of the sources of crops’ resistance to dominant diseases; development of the techniques of pesticide application.

The Institute of Land Reclamation

Alexander Sergeevich Anzhenkov, Ph.D. in Engineering, Associate Professor

The Institute for land Reclamation was set up in 1911.
The Institute is a leading research organization in the field of land reclamation which provides scientific support to the use of over 4.5 million hectares of reclaimed agricultural lands and meadows.
Research directions: development of highly efficient energy- and resource-saving technologies for the construction, operation, repair and reconstruction of land-reclamation systems, water-air management of reclaimed lands; modeling and integrated monitoring of reclaimed areas and the environment using innovative diagnostic methods, computer technologies of geographic information systems and databases for making environmental and cost-effective decisions when planning and organizing reclamation activities and using reclaimed lands; creation of highly efficient zonal farming systems on reclaimed land ensuring the rational use of land resources and sustainable functioning of natural systems; development of cost effective and environmentally friendly technologies to intensify the use of hayfields and pastures, including grass seed production.

The Institute of Flax

Ivan Antonovich Golub, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, D.Sc. in Agriculture, Professor
Tel.:+375 (216) 27 24 82

The Institute of Flax was established in 2000. It’s a leading research institution in the Republic of Belarus in the field of flax cultivation, which conducts researches directed at the improvement of the efficiency of a flax sector.
Research directions: breeding of new varieties of fibre flax and oil flax, primary seed production of recognized varieties of flax; development of environmentally friendly resource saving technologies of flax cultivation and harvesting; development of agricultural techniques to increase flax yield and improve the quality of flax products, reduction of the cost price of flax raw materials production; determining physical and mechanical indicators of fibre quality.
Postgraduate studies: Plant breeding and seed production, plant breeding
Products and services: new varieties of flax, recommendations for improving flax cultivation technologies, standard samples of long and short fibre, colour standards of long scutched fibre, original seeds of fibre flax varieties.

Polessye Institute of Plant Growing

Leonid Petrovich Shimansky, Ph.D. in Agriculture
Tel.:+375 (236) 25 51 67

Polessky Institute of Plant Growing was set up in 2009.
Research directions: development of high yield and high quality varieties and hybrids of maize, sunflower, cereals, legumes and grasses applying traditional and innovative methods in the field of biotechnology, genetics and plant breeding; development of cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies of plant product production enabling to realize the genetic potential of plants in particular ecological zones at minimal energy expenses; study and extension of the gene pool of crops for their practical use in breeding, production and for the international exchange.

The Experimental Research Station on Sugar Beet

Vladimir Pavlovich Gnilozub
Tel.:+375 (1770) 5 34 97

The Experimental Station on Sugar Beet was founded in 1928.
Research directions: conducting research on sugar beet breeding; creation of new high yield varieties of sugar beet monitoring the quality of breeding material at all stages, organization of seed production in the regions with favourable weather conditions, improvement of the technology of sugar beet cultivation in order to obtain high yield and quality of roots at minimal costs, monitoring and analyzing yield formation, monitoring the stages of sugar beet cultivation technology.

Agricultural enterprise “Shipyany-ASK”

Vadim Nikolaevich Kostenevich
Tel.:+ 375 (1776) 5 83 05

The agricultural enterprise «Shipyany-ASK» specializes in meat and milk production, potato growing, production of cereals and grain crops, rapeseed. There is a seed plant for seed drying and refining operating on the territory of the enterprise. This unique seed plant is the first in the country «conveyer» facility for production of seeds of cereal crops, grain crops and rapeseed enabling to store and process all the grain produced at the enterprise. The plant is designed for elite seed production.