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The history of the Research and Practical Centre of NAS of Belarus for Arable Farming began in 1927 when the Institute of Socialist Forestry and Agriculture named after V.I. Lenin was founded. The Institute combined separate experimental stations, departments and laboratories all over Belarus. Over 85 years of the existence of the Institute its names and official subordination changed more than once, but the main principle of its activity has always been stable – conducting reasonable, well planned research policy in the field of arable farming and plant breeding.

Development and establishment of the Institute is connected with the names of many outstanding scientists, such as I.S.Lupinovich, P.P.Rogova, V.I.Shempel, A.I.Lappo, Ya.N.Afanasyev, O.K.Kedrov-Zikhman, E.A.Alekseyev, P.E.Prokopov, M.G.Chizhevsky, N.D.Mukhin (Hero of Socialist Labour), I.G.Strelkov, A.I.Kozlovsky, K.T.Starovoitov, N.P.Kovalevskaya, V.E.Rosenkova, M.P.Shkel, V.M.Perepelitsa, etc.

In previous years the following scientists were directors of the Institute: V.I.Shempel, A.I. Lappo, V.S.Shevelukha, V.P.Samsonov, M.A.Kadyrov. From 2006 to the present General Director is Dr. Fiodor Privalov.

The Research and Practical Center of NAS of Belarus for Arable Farming is a leading research institution in the agrarian sector of Belarus. Due to developments in the field of applied and basic researches the Centre makes a significant contribution to ensuring food security in the Republic. Current approaches and directions of researches in the field of plant growing, breeding and seed growing of agricultural crops have been developed and are constantly improved.

More than 450 varieties of cereal, leguminous, technical and fodder crops have been developed by the breeders of the Centre. They occupy about 80% of arable land in Belarus. More than 70 varieties have been permitted for use in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Moldova. Well-known scholar schools for fodder production, arable farming, agricultural chemistry and plant breeding have been developed in the country. A great contribution to their development has been made by the following academicians of NAS of Belarus — L.V.Kukresh, S.I.Grib, V.N.Shlapunov, and Doctors of Sciences- N.G. Bachilo, T.A.Anokhina, E.P.Urban.

Currently, rich traditions of scientific search are continued by young highly professional scientists possessing great scientific potential. In 1977 the Institute was awarded with the Order of Red Banner of Labour for merits in the development of agricultural science and new agricultural crops.

For great scientific achievements 14 scientists of the Centre were awarded to the title of Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus (N.D.Mukhin, S.D.Lavrukovich, V.I.Ruban (rye), S.I. Grib, M.A.Kadyrov, I.I.Melnik (barley), I.K.Koptik, A.V.Misko, V.P.Samsonov, M.V.Semenenko, G.V.Budevich (wheat); Ya.E.Piliuk, V.M.Belyavskiy, W.Sushkevich (rape).

Today much attention is paid to professional development of agriculture and the introduction of scientific research into production. The center operates postgraduate (full-time and distance learning) and the Council for the Protection of doctoral theses D 01.52.01 specialty 06.01.01 «General agriculture», 01.06.05 «Crop, Breeding and seed production».

In the Research and Practical Centre of NAS of Belarus for Arable Farming, the Young Researchers Board functions. It includes post-graduate students and researchers.

The main tasks of the Young Researchers Board functions are to promote research, creative activities of the Centre’s young researchers; to intensify work on dissertations; to represent the interests of young researchers in the improvement of conditions for work, life and leisuretime activities. The Chairman of the Young Researchers Board functions coordinates the scientific and organizational and public work of the Council.

The Young Researchers Board functions in collaboration with the trade union committee carries out a number of activities: arrangement of different entertaining and sporting events as well as charitable assistance to orphaned children.

On the eve of the Day of Belarusian Science in 2013 was solemnly cut scarlet ribbon of the first Museum of the Research and Practical Center of NAS of Belarus for Arable Farming. This project brought together a large number of unique materials telling about the history of the Research and Practical Center of NAS of Belarus for Arable Farming, which began in 1927 with the establishment of the Institute of socialist agriculture and forestry named after V.l. Lenin. The exhibition includes documents and materials about the history and the current state of the agro-industrial complex, unique archival photos, personal belongings and books of scientists, academics who have contributed to the creation and establishment of the institute. The museum’s collection graced a unique collection of original gifts and subjects transferred to the fund of the museum colleagues and foreign guests.

In 2017 unveiling of memorial sign «Kolos» was held in honour of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Research and Practical Center of NAS of Belarus for Arable Farming». A granite ear four meters high was installed on the territory of the enterprise and is a symbol of fruitful and hard work of all agrarians. The memorial sign became one of the attractions of the town of Zhodino.