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Scientific departments

Winter Cereals Department

Stanislav Gordei
, Ph.D in Biology
tel: +375 (1775) 41561, +375 (29) 9849203

Winter Wheat Group

Breeding and research directions: frost and winter hardiness; resistance to lodging and diseases; resistance to stressful environmental factors; amino acid composition; high genetic potential of yield, enhancement of the elements of resource saving cultivation technology; original seed production and introduction of new varieties in agricultural production.

Winter Rye Group

Research directions: development of winter rye varieties and hybrids resistant to lodging, diseases, with a high quality of grain, adapted to climatic conditions of the republic; original and elite seed production; sale of original and elite seeds of new winter rye varieties and providing scientific support to their cultivation.

Leguminous Crops Department

Mikhail Kritsky, Ph.D in Agriculture
tel: +375 (1775) 53073, +375 (44) 5459300

Research directions: creation of resource and energy saving varieties of pea, yellow and blue lupine; providing consultations on cultivation of the indicated crops; development of agricultural technologies; primary seed production, original seeds sales; scientific support to cultivation of new varieties.

Oil Crops Department

Yadviga Piliuk, Ph.D in Agriculture, Associate Professor
tel: +375 (1775) 48093, +375 (29) 6133893

Research directions : development of high yield and high quality varieties and hybrids of winter and spring rapeseed, varieties of winter cress, oil radish, white and brown mustard; primary seed production and resource saving technologies of oil crops cultivation; making license agreements on elite seeds production and providing scientific support to oil crops cultivation.

Perennial Grasses Department

Elena Klyga, Ph.D in Agriculture
tel: +375 (1775) 41094, +375 (29) 6022902

Research directions: breeding, original seed production and technology of cultivation of high yield competitive varieties of perennial grasses; enhancement of the methods of phytocenotic, ecotypic and adaptive selection of perennial grasses for forming a new gene pool on resistance to unfavourable environmental factors; applying biotechnology for the development of varieties of clover, alfalfa, melilot, common sainfoin and bird’s foot trefoil with increased productive longevity and stable seed yield for different types of soil; synthesis of competitive varieties of perennial grasses used as pasture or for hay; creation of fertile intergenetic and interspecific hybrids of perennial grasses (ryegrass festulolium and oats morphotype) applying the methods of embryo culture, polyploidy and biotechnology.

Field Forage Production Department

Nikolai Nadtochaev, Ph.D in Agriculture, Associate Professor
tel: +375 (1775) 42417, +375 (44) 6134271

Research directions: creation of high yield varieties and hybrids of fodder beet; seed production of recognized and promising varieties, enhancement of the cultivation technology for fodder root crops, providing scientific support to the cultivation of new varieties for feed and seeds, development of maize hybrids for silage and seeds, development of the technologies for cultivation of non-perennial forage crops, improvement of forage conservation methods.

Plant Genetic Resources Department

Irina Matys, Ph.D in Agriculture
tel: +375 (1775) 45574, +375 (29) 1788935

Research directions: ensuring maintenance and operation of the National Bank of Seeds of Plant Genetic Resources which is national heritage of the Republic of Belarus; providing coordination of work on the implementation of the National program “Plant Gene Pool”; conducting research on collection and exploration of plant genetic resources of the national and world origin for their further use; documentation of plant genetic resources; international cooperation in the field of collection, preservation and rational use of plant genetic resources and their exchange.

Biochemistry and Biotechnology Department

Elena Dolgova, Ph.D in Agriculture
tel: +375 (1775) 51987, +375 (29) 6608891

Research directions: determination of biochemical quality of products of cereals, legumes, fodder crops and oil crops as well as determination of grain quality of winter and spring cereals, malting barley, fatty acid content of rapeseed and sunflower seeds; analysis of amino acid composition of grain and green mass; determination of chemical indicators of soil; application and improvement of new methods of research in the field of infrared spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectrometry, gas and liquid chromatography, molecular and genetic analysis; determination of genetic quality of seeds; passportization of varieties and hybrids and their identification; determination of hybridity level applying molecular markers; determination of hybridity level applying molecular markers; conducting research on the improvement of the quality of plant products.